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Being A Pharmacy Tech

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Being a pharmacy technician is an important job. It is the pharmacy tech was often responsible for properly filling a patient’s prescription. An eye for detail is essential to ensuring that no mistakes are made. You can read a full job description on this pharmacy tech blog, but below you will find a brief overview of what this medical professional does.

In addition to filling prescriptions, pharmacy techs help patients understand the possible side effects of their medications, and what foods they should avoid when taking the medications.

Stocking shelves is not an unusual task for a pharmacy tech to be performing. In addition to mundane tasks such as that, if pharmacy tech answers telephones, and often works with insurance companies to be sure that certain prescriptions are authorized for their patients.

Record-keeping is also a vital part of a pharmacy techs job. They keep track of new drug stocks as they arrive, and ensure that the old stocks are removed if they have expired or are used first if they are still good. Being a pharmacy tech is a critical part of a properly functioning pharmacy.

Pharmacy Technician Jobs For College Students

For college students, there may be few better jobs than those of pharmacy technician jobs. No matter where the school is located, chances are that there are pharmacy’s nearby. In many cases the school itself by employee pharmacy technicians.

Most pharmacy technician jobs pay more than minimum wage. This represents an excellent opportunity for college students to take advantage of. Rather than flipping burgers for minimum wage, they can have a meaningful job in which they help people while at the same time helping to finance their educational needs.

Some pharmacies even offer hours that make them convenient students. Evening and part-time work is often available in pharmacies, and this makes pharmacy technician jobs an ideal opportunity for college students. To further your career as a Pharmacist click here.

In many cases pharmacies offer good benefits packages to their employees. Many students can’t afford to pay for health insurance, so finding a job like a pharmacy technician job in which they also have benefits is a real plus.

For college students who are putting themselves through school, or who simply want or need to help their families finance their education, pharmacy technician jobs are perfect.

A Career As a Pharmacy Technician

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Pharmacy services are need all over the country as the healthcare industry continues to grow. With the increase of pharmacy chains and their branches, as well as openings in medical facilities, you have the opportunity to begin a career in pharmacy. You can begin your profession as a pharmacy technician and reap the rewards of being a part of a growing and lucrative industry. Pharmacy techs are responsible for assisting pharmacists in dispensing medications to customers or patients.

This usually requires the actual preparation of the medication needed to fill a prescription, matching the medication with prescription and ensuring the validity of the customer or patient’s prescription, as well as perform administrative tasks. According to, salaries for pharmacy techs are higher than other entry level jobs in the industry.

Certain states require certification for pharmaceutical technicians, with only a minimal of 2 years of educational requirement and a certain number of hours for classroom instruction in order to be eligible for certification.

Pharmacy Technician Salary Range Can Vary

When speaking of a pharmacy technician salary it is usual to speak in terms of a salary range. This is because many factors affect the pharmacy technicians pay. Perhaps the most important one is the state where they are practicing. Technicians who live in states where the cost of living is significantly higher than others in general are able to earn significantly higher salaries.

It is possible however that these higher salaries don’t lead to a higher standard of living because they are only available for the cost of living is high.

When stated an hourly basis pharmacy technician salaries usually run anywhere from nine or $10 per hour to as high as $26 per hour. This is a large range and is affected by such things as whether or not the technician certified, and the degree of formal training that they’ve had.

The fact that a pharmacy technician salary range is so large leaves much room for a pharmacy technician through study and hard work to vastly improve their financial situation.

Get a Pharmacy Technician Certification from a Reputable School

There are many organizations out there that offer pharmacy technician certification to everyone. However, you must choose among all these organizations the best one so you won’t waste time studying at the wrong school. You must get a second opinion from pharmacy technicians who are already certified.

It is important to learn everything while you are studying so you will be able to pass for certification and be able to apply what you learn to your future job. There are also some online colleges that offer this certification. This can be a convent way to become certified if you are currently employed full time.